Just keep writing, just keep writing…

IMG_5780Yes, this is a shot of my computer screen at 11:00 last night.  I just finished the first read-through of my first novel.  I am freaking out inside because I actually did it.  I achieved my first goal – getting to 50,000 words…it’s surreal and surprisingly scary.  The thought of writing a novel, an actual book that, perhaps others might want to read, came to me years and years ago.  I started really writing about 6 years ago.  But I never thought I would do it.  I mean, I have a long way to go and the process to actually publishing a book isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows, but a writer friend told me I’m farther than most people ever get, so I’m ecstatic.

 If you want to write a book – just keep writing.  The more you write, the more you write, the better you get.  And read!  Authors write for you, for us, so read as often as you can and support them.  I’m hoping someday to be one someday.