Just keep writing, just keep writing…

IMG_5780Yes, this is a shot of my computer screen at 11:00 last night.  I just finished the first read-through of my first novel.  I am freaking out inside because I actually did it.  I achieved my first goal – getting to 50,000 words…it’s surreal and surprisingly scary.  The thought of writing a novel, an actual book that, perhaps others might want to read, came to me years and years ago.  I started really writing about 6 years ago.  But I never thought I would do it.  I mean, I have a long way to go and the process to actually publishing a book isn’t all cupcakes and rainbows, but a writer friend told me I’m farther than most people ever get, so I’m ecstatic.

 If you want to write a book – just keep writing.  The more you write, the more you write, the better you get.  And read!  Authors write for you, for us, so read as often as you can and support them.  I’m hoping someday to be one someday.  



The 4-1-1, the “what’s up”, the story behind this blog…

I am a reader. If you ask either one of my kids, on any given day, what’s mommy’s favorite thing to do, they will both tell you, in unison, “read”.  My girls are only 6 and 4, and for me, this is a great accomplishment in itself, because at this early stage of their lives, and in mine as a mother, they know how important reading truly is.  Neither of them will go to bed if we don’t read a book first.  In fact, if we run out of time and I try to skip it, they will protest if they don’t get a story.  In all reality, it’s probably just a ploy to prolong the bed time routine, but I’ll take it.

I have discovered so many new places through books.  I’ve met amazing characters, authors (through their writing, of course) and been on many adventures.  Reading is my escape and my refuge.  Since I was a kid, just learning to read, I have consumed books.  Drinking in the language, breathing in the pages, having to pull myself out when it’s time to stop, often protesting with myself to read one more page, just one more chapter.  Being a busy mom, wife and work-from-home business owner, my time is limited for this exquisite pastime, so I must cherish every moment I’m allowed.  More often than not, I will have to wretch my eyes open just to finish a chapter, exhausted after the day.

This love of reading has been passed down to me from my mother and to her, from her mother.  I love finding a great read and sharing it with my mom (or vice versa).  We have the best conversations about the characters, talking about them as if they are real people we have a mutual relationship with.  I have also been lucky enough to have a mother-in-law that will consume books as I do, recommending them faster than I can download them on my kindle or snatch them up from the library (only to have to renew them over and over until I finish them!).  Don’t get me started on my sister.  She and I could talk books all day and then neither of us would get one productive thing accomplished.  If there is a movie made about a book we’ve read – look out – we’re the first in line for the midnight showing.

This love of reading the written word has lead me to a new passion – writing.  I’ve always been one to journal – throughout my life I’ve kept one in my bedside table, recording my thoughts, the days ups and downs (as a teenager, mostly the downs) and the what ifs.  I’ll never forget my first diary as a kid, I don’t know how old I was, but I remember the purple sparkles on the cover and the lock and key that came with it.  One of the best birthday gifts I ever received (thanks to whomever you are that gave this to me!).  Now, it’s black leather with a place holder ribbon in the center.  Such a grown-up journal to have.  These days I journal sporadically but spend most of my free time, when I’m not reading, in the dark hours of the morning, writing a novel.  I’m close – just shy of 50,000 words, re-reading, filling in holes, fixing some grammar, moving things around, probably ready for a few select close family members to read it and give me their honest opinion, close.  I’ll keep you posted but I’m excited as hell to finish.

I’ve also been writing for a super fun blog, kindnessandcursing.com.  My dear friend over at Mama Said Tees started it and asked me (along with a few others) to write periodically and it’s been a blast.  I was scared to death – no one has ever read anything I’ve written – but I figured, if I’m writing a book and want people to read it, I should probably gather some followers early on so I have a few people out there that may want to buy my book some day.  And here I am, starting my own blog, getting a little bit braver.  If I’m going to write about something, I might as well write about what I love – reading.  So I’m going to do some reading, and write about it here.  Not all books are for everyone, but I believe all books are great in some way.  No bad reviews here, just a girl, who loves to read and share it with others.  And we could all do more of what makes us happy…

Read.  Write.  Happy.